Our travels, exploits, and adventures

Franklin, TN to Nashville, TN and back

July 22, 2011

Today was another awesome day in Tennessee.  Less work and more play.  =)

Okay, so a bit of work was neccessary. . . its hard to keep things going while you're on the road unless you make time to make them happen- like my SecondNatureWellness.com newsletter was written right here this morning

And. . . Dondi played cards with the kids


Erin, Emily, and Jennifer on a bike ride to Crockett Park near Cool Springs, TN


The whole six mile biking crew taking a water break in the 95 degree heat

We went to lunch in Nashville at an Ethiopian Restaurant and taught the kids to not judge a restaurant by its exterior- the place was a dive but the food was out of this world delicious and even the kids ate every last bite

After dinner Emily, Jenn, Hunter, and Harmon put on the play "Nobody Famous" directed, produced, and starring. . . Emily

Three quarters of the cast- Madam Mooch (Harmon), Brenda (Emily), and Jenn (Gina)

And we ended the day playing Hand and Foot with more family now in the Franklin area- clockwise Dondi, Debby (Dondi's sister), Cliff, Cliffy, Jennifer, Harmom, and Erin- the girls won but we're not bragging or anything, just looking forward to the next challenge ; )


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