Our travels, exploits, and adventures

Franklin, TN

July 21, 2011

After a long day yesterday, we were excited to have a low-key day today in Franklin to get caught up on work and hang out.

Hunter (Dondi's nephew) wasted no time at all- we started the morning handcuffed before breakfast

Dondi is enjoying being able to work from anywhere- this morning he spent quite a while logged into work and making calls from Tennessee

Hunter, Lucy (the Labradoodle), and Dondi playing football in the afternoon

Hunter, Emily, Erin, and Jennifer (Dondi's sister) prepping the ingredients for grilled pizza- my favorite topping combo was GF pizza crust, pesto, artichokes, and a wee bit of goat cheese- it was absolutely scrumptious and so easy!

After a both productive and fun day, we called it a night after a game of 6 person hide-and-go-seek tag in the 90+ degree heat

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